Time for a change

I have been M.I.A.  I'm sorry.  My life has taken a quite a bit of turns lately. For one , I broke my tooth so I have been in the dentist having lots of appointments lately , and that's the reason why I haven't had any youtube videos lately. Which that will change soon! 
 Amongst that and other things, having this blog has just been one thing too much.  So ,on that note I will have to say goodbye but I want to thank you all for the support! You can catch me on Youtube and my other Social media! 
 So again, thanks for all the love and I'll see you soon. 


Trying New Things Part 1 - Workout Wednesday

Trying New Things

Research suggests that boredom is one of the top reasons why women quit an exercise program 
 Step it up and try something new!
Trying new exercise programs and varying your fitness routine will not only alleviate some of the boredom associated with long hours at the gym, but research also suggests that it will help you maintain a more fit lifestyle. Sign up for walking/running clubs, or commit yourself to a 10-week yoga session.

1. You Need to Switch Up Your Workouts

As former Personal trainer I've seen time after time people who are sticking to the rules eating right ans workout of diligently Plateau. Why? Because your body starts to adapt to that particular workout.  What do I suggest to avoid this predicament Change up your workout regimen.  Just anything else , your body will start to no longer comply with your workout which means no shock value.  You want a "Shock Value to your body so it can kick your body into gear to start working hard and of course burn those calories and build muscle. After aall, that's what we are all striving for isn't it

Action Plan : Once a month , change your one thing about your Cardio and weight training regimen.Take a Zumba class in lieu of your Saturday walk. For instance, or use a resistance band instead of dumbbells.

 A 2001 study conducted at tge University of Florida , in Gainesvelle found that people who varied their routines enjoyed their workouts more- and exercised more regularly- than did people who went with the same thing every day

2. Wimpy Weights Will Get You Nowhere

For muscles to become stronger, they have to be challenged with a load that’s heavier than what they’re used to. (Think about the weight of your handbag—dinky three-pound dumbbells just don’t compare.) Without challenging your muscles, “you can’t substantially strengthen or tone them

 Action plan: 
Choose a weight that you can lift for only 10 to 15 reps before losing proper form . Don't Worry you won't bulk up. "Women's body has a biological limit on how much muscle mass they can build with out using steroids" ,says Halevy   

3. Muscles Come in Pairs; Train Them that Way

Most of us focus on what trainers call the "mirror muscles" The ones you see when you look in the mirror ( biceps , quadriceps) But just as every action has an equal and opposite reaction , every muscle has a mate that works in the opposite way. For example you use your triceps to extend your arm and biceps to bend it. To avoid imbalance that can lead to injury , its imperative to train both equally.( on separate days is what I what I prefer) 

Action plan: Consider doing weight training in what is known as a split,  Let's say work your biceps and hamstrings one day then your triceps and quadriceps the next.  This way you'll hit every muscle in paired balance over the course of the week.  Once exception is the back muscle.  Many women have weak back muscles from working at computers or at sitting jobs all day .  If your "deskbound" from 9-5 follow two -to-tone ration when working back and chest. That is for every exercise you do the chest do for the back.  Admit it, a sexy back is somethings we all want 

Ok so I'll stop here and work my way into this series.  I hope you enjoy and come back next week for the second part!


Why shop for your makeup at Drugstores?

Hello friends!  For makeup Monday a wanted to share a topic that is pretty interesting which is drugstore makeup. So people shy away from drug store makeup , maybe because they think it isn't as good quality or it's not good enough for them.  If you're one of those people then I would love the chance to change your mind! 
Here are a few things that you may not 
have known about Drugstore makeup. 
 Did you know that a majority of drugstore makeup is actually an extension or sister company of the High end cosmetics.  For instance , Lancome ( my favorite makeup ever btw) is actually a branch of L'Oreal. 
   L'Oreal is Drugstore Makeup line but they also include a LUXE line which Lancome is apart of , also Garneir , YSL Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani just to name a few. 
 Since  L'Oreal cosmetics is a huge Drugstore makeup brand you better believe you can find some "Makeup Dupes" of your favorite highend makeup right in your local Walgreens!
  So, if this hasn't made you change our mind yet then I know this will.  
The Prices! 
 Drugstore makeup is known for there incredible prices but not only that most drugstores have a rewards program that is totally free! Once you sign up you can get deal on top of deal to bring down those prices on great cosmetics.  For instance , this Voluminous butterfly Mascara by L'Oreal , my friend purchased 4 of these for only $12! This mascara is incredible and comparable to Lanc├┤me's Hypnose mascara( $29) the price varies for the VB but'll I'll say $8.50 for each. Their was a incredible deal when you buy 2 of these plus a in store coupon for an additional $2.00 off which brought it down the just $6 for 2. That's incredible savings ! Especially when the formula is compared to the sister luxe company like Lancome!  There are deals going on Daily so do your research and see for yourself. 
 Furthermore, if you use the rewards cards you can rack up free points that you can use on your next makeup haul and get yor makeup free or at least at a discounted price.   So run and sign up for those rewards cards and let the shopping begin! 
 I promise you won't regret it!  I hope you find this helpful and you find a little more money in your pocket after reading this and trying it out for your self.  As a Mother of 8, if I can get great makeup at a great price I'm all over that! I'm all about the savings.  So whether you're a momma of 1 or 10, a single momma or just like to save money than this is for you!

If you shop drugstore makeup what is your favorite product of your best makeup find?  Share with me I'd love to hear from y'all!


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UPDATE.: Eliana and Epilepsy

Hello Ladies.  First off this past week has been a world wind of a week... It has taken me a bit to gather myself and thoughts to write this blog.
   After my daughter got out of the Hospital I figured things were going to get back to normal.  Unfortunately that was not the case.  So much info has hit me and our family at one time and I didn't know how to process it.  I literally spent the weekend secretly crying on and off.  I know I am a incredible strong person but like anyone I have my days where things sink in and I worry and just breakdown.
  On Thursday of last week I had a ARD meeting at the school regarding Eliana and special education modifications for her.  Upon review I was told that Eliana has regressed in her speech since the beginning of the year. Given she has ups and downs , but in whole her Stuttering has reached a severe level. In the Classroom, Again she has ups and downs. 
  What do I mean when I say "Ups and Downs?" On a good day she can write her name , she participates in class , her speech is fairly good and she is always smiling and looking healthy. On her bad days, Eliana can not write her name, her short term memory is ravished , she has issues with talking and she looks like the color is drained from her beauitful little face and gets dark circles.  She isn't smiling as much and seems to have no energy.  On these days we know she is expierenceing seizures.  For all these side effects I  mentioned is due to her Epilepsy. Most of these seizures she is experiencing are hardly seen for they only last a few seconds.
  Come Saturday , Time for her EEG.   It's been well over a year since my daughter has had an EEG.  Eliana seems to be fine, nothing out of the ordinary. Eliana , myself and my eldest daughter  went in to the room and the Tech put Frozen on for Eliana.  Boy, was she excited, she had never seen that movie before!  They also gave her a Disney  Little Mermaid Doll for after the testing for her to keep. We had one happy camper!  So as they began to add the leads on to her one by one which took a little bit and I didn't really notice any major changes.  She did seem to get a little less excited but I figured she may be a litttle nervous.  Finally, all the leads were on and they turned the movies and lights off and began a series of small tests for Eliana to perform.  First she was told to look with here eyes only to look up and down.  She did ok the first time but then instantly forgot what she was suppossed to do so I had to help her and guide her through it. I would look up and then she would look up  I would look to the left with my eyes then she followed.  Test 1 done.
Time for test 2. The Strobe Lights.
   Eliana has not ever really reacted to this test ever.  They basically had Eliana close her eyes and lay back. The flashed a series of strobe lights right over her eyes at different rythms and speeds. And I didn't notice anything. To me she passed.  

 Test 3 she was to perform the Hyperventalation test.  Basically Eliana had a little hand held wind mill she was to blow constantly for 3 minutes.  After the first minute Eliana had a Seizure.  She lost muscle tone in her arms and head and "dropped" them. She was staring downward and for a second I thought she was just tired from blowing the windmill but she was seizing the Tech notified me. Her seizure was finally captured on tape and on EEG. After that seizure she continuously had them for the remainder of the 3 minutes. She came out of that cluster of seizures ok and of course she had a smile . Then she was to sleep for 30 minutes and be monitored.  
What were the results?  Typically the tech isn't supposed to tell the results. However, he knew my eldest daughter and I were concerned and we physically saw the seizures. So the tech mentioned as soon as he put the leads on her they were picking up on activity. Every test produced seizures.  The tech couldn't tell me if the lights or the Hyperventalation test yielded the most seizures.  For that we have to go to the Dr for the follow up. To me that was terrifying , I hadn't seen her react in that way before and the simple fact she was seizing in front of me and I didn't even know it, that hurts me deep.  I want nothing more than to protect Eliana, shield her for anything that will hurt her cause her seizures. If I have to hold my Princess' hand throughout her whole life than I WILL!   
I can not believe I actually missed these seizures­čśę. I think to myself , as much as I take care if you, as much as I have you by my side and look at your beautiful face , how could I miss these?  Eliana's medication had been raised so now we will just see if this helps her.  I pray and hope to my dear lord that it does.  
Another thing I learned is that Eliana told me that she had a headache after the appointment.  Which let's me know that she has headaches after seizures. Now that input all the pieces of the puzzle together I've heard her mention she had                      
A headache on a "bad" day. She has headaches after her seizures.  I've researched this and it is true, this is said time and time again online. There has been days were Eliana says she has headaches all day!  
How do I help her?  My baby is the world to me,  we're always together , I've saved her life Twice, we have such an incredible bond and yet I feel so far away.  The seizures, the struggles is hard on her I know it and as a parent it's hard as well to see your kids suffering and struggling. I believe she is healed and I just ask that you join me in believeing that Eliana is Healed .  We will all continue to fight right along with you Eliana.  You're strength is inspiring , your smile is a breath of fresh air and your preserverence for life is unmatched. I love you baby. With every fiber of my being sweetheart.  Love you always Snuggle bear 

 Do you have anything that you can share with me about Epilepsy or seizure control. I would love to hear what you have to say! 


Berry Zinger by Celestial Tea

Last week I was in the hospital with my baby girl so i wasn't able to post a blog post BUT,I was able to drink my favorite tea, The Tazo Awake Breakfast blend.  I was so grateful for that!
Now on to the current post, I think I may have found my new favorite tea.  It is the Berry Zinger Tea by Celestial Seasonings.  The Celestial Teas are 100% Natural and 100% delicious!

The description for the Wild Berry Zinger is a caffeine Free Tea. The Freshly picked taste of the luscious bled evokes thoughts of coming home at dusk with pails full of ripe berries bursting with flavor.  Celestial Tea add hibiscus- the tart, ruby red herb that gives a Zinger it's zing and sweet blackberry leaves layers of juicy berry flavor in the wonerfully balanced brew.  The smells start to emerge immediately as the boiling water hits the tea bag.  The smell will literally wrap your senses.  You just have to try it for your self!

The entire Zinger Line is absolutely incredible! Check out Celestial Tea for more tea flavors , recipes and promotions!

What is your favorite tea?I would love to see and please share your favorite mug as well!  Tag me and hashtag is #TuesdaysTeas so I can find it on Instagram and Twitter ( links in the side bar)

Hope you all have a Happy Tuesday!


Drug store makeup deals you can't pass up!

Hello Fabulous friends !  Boy do I have a #MakeupMonday for you!  I found such an incredible deal and I HAVE TO share it with you! 
Ok , Let's start with Wet'N'Wild
Now I'm sure you all heard about the WnW balm stains.  It's WnW new product lip product.  It has amazing staying power and great color payoff for such an incredible deal. This price point on this baby is $2.99
   Now for Jordana Cosmetics. I honestly hadn't even tried this line of products until this past December.  But, when I did try it I actually fell in love!  Color payoff was remarkable , the color selection was even better and it's super affordable.  
 Well, we'll let me spill the goods

At Walgreen's WnW megaslicks balm stains are in sale.  You get 2 for $3.00!  AND, there is a  peely ( and coupon stuck on to the product) for and instant $1.00 off  
 For Jordana Products

The lip liners are typically $2.19 there is a sale on the lip liners for 1.39 each lip liner  
 If you have the Rewards card then you can get all these deals.  

So let's do the math If I paid full price the total on the  WNW Megaslicks would've been $5.98
There was a promotion for all Balance Reward card holders for 1.99 ea or 2 for 3.00 plus i used the Sticker coupon that was on the Megaslicks for $1.00 so the total cam out to be $2.00 for both Mega Slicks!  That's cheaper than buying one a regular price!
Now on to Jordana. The Lip Liners were on sale for 1.39 each if i used by balance reward card which is a .80 savings. I purchased 2 so the saving was $1.60
 My total for all the makeup  was $4.78(5.17 including tax) I saved $5.5!

INCREDIBLE!These deals are only going on this week So please go by your local Walgreen's Sign up for the Balance Reward Card and get a hold of these savings!

Here are the colors  I got
WNW- 126 Rico Mauve
128 Pinky Promise

Jordana Lip Liners
Sedona Red
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The Liebster Award- Nomination

Hey Fabulous Friends , I am finally back and getting things back to normal. My daughter is starting to  progressively get better! Yay, Eliana.  
 I have a great blog post and this is a great one to come back to blogging on! I checked my social media and found out one of my "Blogger Friends"  Me and My Mini Me nominated me for the Liebster award!   Whoa, I was so incredibly surprised by the nomination! I've heard about this award but never really put myself in the category of actually receiving one of these. So what is the Liebster Award exactly? I didn't have full knowledge of this award Either so let me school you...
  The Liebster Blog Award -  is given to upcoming bloggers. The Meaning ; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. It is given from blogger to blogger as a way to say I like your blog ans they support it. 

This is a great way to gain exposure and build up your followers.  For me, I think It's pure motivation to keep blogging and sharing my thoughts and opinions.

This is how it works

In order for me to accept the award I will need to answer Lauren's questions and nominate 11 other bloggers. I will then ask them 11 different questions and notify them that I have nominated them. To accept the award the nominees must then,
 * Link back to the person who nominated them.
 *Nominate 11 other bloggers and notify them
 *Answer the blogger who nominated your questions
 *Ask 11 questions to the bloggers you nominated

Here are the Questions that I was asked :

  1. What inspired your blog? Why do you blog? I  Blog because I have a lot to say ( like always, ) but I also have a lot to share that i think it can be useful to others!
  2. If you found a genie in a bottle and he could grant you three wishes, what would you wish for? Number 1 , I wish my daughter Eliana would be healthy and free from Epilepsy. Two, i wish for a successful future for all of our children and Three That God continues to bless my marriage and my family.
  3. Favorite song.My favorite song at the Moment would have to be GOLD from  Brit Nicole.  That's Always my Favorite song
  4. Describe yourself in 5 words. Energetic, Creative, Helpful, Loving , and Motivated
  5. What would a "Me Day" look like for you? Oh Lets go there! A me day would Consist of Getting a great workout in the Morning. Going to the Spa and getting a Massage, and a facial and relaxing.  Going shopping and getting a Manicure and pedicure and getting my hair styled and cut.  
  6. What's your favorite show on TV? I Hardly Ever Watch TV but When I do I like to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 
  7. Favorite era and why? I love this Era.  With all the Technology and sophistication.  But if I had to choose a different Era other than this one, !950's For sure.  I love the innocence of that era.  The kids were kids, going out looking for bottle to cash them in for Money.  Everything was cheap and simple. 
  8. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be? Oh wow, I have never thought of that? Who Would I be? probably Oprah.  That women is amazing ans has a big heart. I would love To give in the magnitude she does.  I wouldn't mind traveling around the world do just that!
  9. What's your guilty pleasure? Peanut M&M's  OMG,  They use to get me every time!  I've laid off all that this year though.  Miss you Peanut M&M's
  10. What three things can't you live without? My Family, God/Jesus and My iPhone 
  11. What's something no one knows about you? I Can Not Stand Wet socks or clothing for that matter.  If there is any part of my clothing that is wet i have to immediately change.  Its like nails on chalk board. 
Here are the Blogs I nominated


The Frugal Navy Wife

Ladies Here are my Questions for you!
1. What inspired you to start a blog?
2. What is your favorite brand of Makeup?
3. Heels or Wedges?
4.If you could have 3 wishes come true what would it be?
5. What is one thing you are most Proud of?
6. If you had Dream vacation , where would you go and what would you do ?
7.Tea or Coffee?
8. What is one thing that really bothers you?
9. If you kind find a cure for one thing what would it be?
10.What is your favorite Show on TV?
11. What are your 3 must haves?

Thanks again for Nominating me Me And My Mini Me  I wish you all the luck!  Xo Xo Love
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